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Entertainment Center Refresh!

This entertainment center was already a really nice piece of furniture. It was not super old, but made very well. It just was a little outdated with the cherry wood stain.

After cleaning really well with White Lightning, I sprayed with my Wagner sprayer Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint in Driftwood. I love Driftwood because its a very neutral gray, not pulling any cool blues or purples. After painting, I again used my sprayer to seal it with Satin clear coat for a flawless finish.

I wanted to make the details "pop" on the accents. I didn't want them to get lost! So I gave it just a light sanding to distress the edges, then I used Best Dang Wax in black. Perfection! I ALWAYS seal with clear coat first as it makes the wax much easier to use. If I need to "erase" an area that isn't wiping back well, I use clear wax over it.

As for the top- since it was in great condition with minor scratches, I didn't need to sand it all the way back to bare wood. I gave it just a light sanding and then good cleaning. Since No Pain Gel Stain can be used over existing finishes- I lightly applied Walnut over the top. After the first coat fully dried, I added another.

What do you think?

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